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"The mobile game created to help grieving children"
"How apps have the potential to save lives"
"Video games can be an escape from the outside world, our troubles, and our thoughts. But sometimes, they can offer healing powers that only this particular art form can provide"
"If this year’s $120m juicing flop gave you reason to doubt in human ingenuity, take heart in these incredible inventions to come"
"Speaking to Adrian Chiles, Louis Weinstock explained how Apart of Me guides young people through the harsh realities of grief."
"You can lose yourself in a game, but you can also find yourself"
"Dreams, dragons and an honest look at death. We explore the new trend in gaming..."
"Our young advisor Charlie talks to ITV News about his experiences of losing his father at the age of six"
"Louis talks to Pete at Death Goes Digital about the motivation behind Apart of Me"
"The beautiful mobile video game takes its users on a journey across a peaceful tropical island, where they can learn how to express their emotions and develop coping strategies"
"Louis talks about the inspiration behind Bounce Works and the process of creating Apart of Me"
"Apart of Me is a new app that helps children to cope when family members suffer from terminal illness"

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