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Bounce Works is a digital design foundry specialising in young people's mental health, making resilience-boosting digital products that connect virtual worlds with real life.

Our Current Project

Apart of Me is a digital platform to help children and adults find resilience when someone in their family is dying or has died.

We are creating an ecosystem of psychologically-minded tools that can turn a family's nightmare into a reservoir of hope and wisdom for future generations. Apart of Me is an emotional support system, designed by experts in child bereavement and family psychology.

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What people are saying about us?

What’s amazing and unique about Apart of Me is children can create a legacy alongside their ill family member

Olly Clabburn, PhD

Lost a parent to MND. Investigating the use of digital legacies for people living with motor neurone disease

If we’d had this game available to us when my wife was still alive she would have enjoyed helping him create a memory box


Widow and mother of 2 boys.

I look forward to being able to share this tool with our extensive networks of children, families, and professionals.

Julia Samuel

Patron Founder, Child Bereavement UK

This game is bloomin’ fantastic!

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